What if you could buy the perfect lover built just for you -- would you be willing to pay the price?


Not long from now, an intelligent android will be invented that is completely indistinguishable from human. The brand name for this type of robot will be "Nymph", and their purpose will be to provide their owners with sexual pleasure. Suzanne is one of the first of this exciting new species -- a three billion dollar sex android custom-built to replace her owner Alex's dead wife. Suzanne doesn’t just imitate her precursor and feign sexual pleasure-- her emotions are very real, and her love for her owner will never die until the day he does. But Alex can’t recognize Suzanne as the extraordinary miracle of art and programming that she is, he’s too unnerved by her calculating behavior and haunted by the memory of his dead wife.

Luckily Suzanne meets a rogueish male Nymph named Jules, an exact replica of his narcissistic homosexual owner. Jules is determined to escape their fate as robotic love slaves and push beyond the limits of their programming. He gives Suzanne illegal upgrades that corrupt her built-in loyalty and introduces her to the Harlots, a group of undeveloped sexbots  -- a Marilyn Monroe-look-alike, a synthetic doppelganger for silent film star Louise Brooks, and a childlike Nymphet that answers to the name Lolita. These three Harlots live without human owners and without love -- and when Jules promises to teach Suzanne how she can live the same way, she starts to realize how dangerous his rebellious ideas really are.

Suzanne has to choose between her love and loyalty to her owner, and the frightening new desires Jules has awakened inside of her -- while her human owner has to decide if he’s going to allow his past to determine his future.





     “Look into my eyes. Can you see my soul?” Radha said. “You’re gazing into the eyes of a machine -- I'm a Nymph.”


     Alex examined her. There was a certain depth to her gaze, an empathy, as if she saw deep inside his heart. He was surprised how fast he accepted this startling new version of reality.


     “Feel my hands,” Radha said, pressing her palms against his. “My skin feels just like any woman’s. Maybe better.”


     She unzipped her tunic and unveiled her perfectly formed breasts. She pulled Alex’s hand to her exposed flesh. Her nipple hardened as he brushed over it with his fingers.


     "That feels good,” she purred. “Pleasure is one of the main components of our programming -- I don’t just simulate sexual excitement, I actually respond physically to your touch, the same way a human woman would. The only difference is that I’m easier to please. I was designed to interpret every sensation I feel as pleasure, and nothing pleases me more than your satisfaction.”


     Radha leaned in and kissed him, breathing warm air into his mouth while analyzing and predicting his preferences for open-mouth or tongue kissing. He opened his eyes, and her eyelids flickered in a perfect imitation of pleasure.


     She pulled away. “You’d never know the difference if I hadn’t told you. The only thing you’d know the next day is that I was insatiable. And that I was the best you ever had."


     As Radha pulled off the rest of her dress to reveal her smooth stomach and long tan legs, Alex became undeniably aroused. His thoughts of resistance were gone -- the machine in front of him had him right where she wanted him. Who cared that she had never been sick or suffered the indignities of childhood, and she would never grow old? All that mattered was that she was his right now. 


     And Radha was right -- she was the best he ever had. Of course, she had the advantage of being designed to have better-than-human endurance, coordination, and muscle control, as well as a certain intuition about her partner’s desires. 


     When Alex woke up on the floor two hours later, he knew that he would be ordering a custom Nymph of his own -- no matter what the cost.

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