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FEARnet Commentaries

My friend Heidi Honeycutt and I were invited to do a commentaries for FEARnet's The Vault series of horror movies streaming free online.


We discussed Dario Argento's THE STENDHAL SYNDROME, starring his beautiful daughter Asia Argento as a young police detective who's repeatedly traumatized by a rapist. Dario Argento is of course the genius horror auteur behind Suspiria and Opera, but this movie is... not his finest 2 hours. Watch along with us as we put on bad wigs to match Asia's in the movie and take a drink everytime there's a long dolly shot of her running:


Also see our commentary for William Lustig's UNCLE SAM, the best/worst movie about a crazed zombie killer taking on a small town on the 4th of July. You might know William Lustig's classics Maniac and Maniac Cop, but this movie is NOTHING like those... it's more like a bad piece of 90s Joe Bob Briggs cheese


Obviously Heidi and I have a lot of fun mocking talented directors when they're at their worst.







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