From 2011-2012  I was Story Producer on seasons 1 & 2 of Loiter Squad  on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Loiter Squad starred iconic and innovative young rap star Tyler the Creator and his friends from Odd Future, and was produced by the rebellious creators of Jackass for a show that was part music, part sketch comedy, part pranks and tons of fun. I wrote, produced and directed creative content on set, edited the show and oversaw all the way through post-production, network notes, air, online deliverables and ads. 


Check out a few of my favorite comedy sketches from my Loiter Squad days: 



















The Onion's A.V .Club praised my structural work in particular, saying,  "What’s better than the jokes themselves is how well the show is structured. [...] It’s a little frenetic, but also a bit impressive. “Catchphrase Jones” is near-brilliant, in both writing and execution. Modeled on 1970s-era action movies, complete with terrible dialogue, poorly choreographed fight scenes, and laughably bad fake blood, “Catchphrase Jones” takes the parody a step further and freeze-frames the shot every time Jones snaps out one of his signature catchphrases.  [...} This kind of brash, high-and-low humor is endemic to young people—that age group playing around with wit and intellectualism but still unashamed to be amused by spurting blood and slapstick comedy."

-- Onion A.V. Club




Besides paying the bills producing reality shows, I've worked in both gaming and advertising on and off since 2007. I scripted and storyboarded this commercial for the raunchy fun Volition game Saint's Row the Third. I'm especially proud of the way Genki's head pops out at the end!

Here's another silly sample of my work in this prank sketch from Loiter Squad starring Taco, Xzibit, and me.


And last but not least, my dog made a cameo appearance on Loiter Squad. Technically this is a sample of my work too since I was puppeting him and edited this, but he loved the limelight so don't call the Humane Society!


By the way, yes... I fully recognize how absurd my career path has been up until now.


Lady Fate leads us on odd twists and turns.

This is the most surreal Loiter Squad sketch I ever got away wtih-- I wrote and sang the lyrics for the jingle in this silly parody tampon commercial  for "My Little Secret: Mars and Sabrina's Giant Tampons". 

Catchphrase Jones​

Nonde Hai

Commercial Work - Saint's Row Ad

My Little Secret

This sketch was a prank on our cast where we fooled them into thinking they were auditioning for a Japanese Energy Drink that I invented called Nonde Hai.


Horror fans might recognize the hilarious Japanese director in this bit as the front of The Human Centipede-- that's my talented friend Akihiro Kitamura I brought in to prank our cast.

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